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Federal Career Paths

 Types of Promotions

Opportunities for advancement are available. Generally, there are two types of promotions. Merit promotions may be achieved through a competitive process, according to your organization's merit promotion plan. Promotions can also be made non-competitively, generally through career ladder promotions.

  • Career Ladder Promotions - Certain positions are designed to create an opportunity for development from a lower level position to a higher level role without competition. You must still meet certain performance criteria to gain a career ladder promotion.
  • Merit Promotions - Merit promotions are typically made through a system of open competition to ensure the selection of the best qualified candidates. To be eligible for a merit promotion, you must meet the qualification requirements for the position. There may also be requirements for time fulfilled within a specific pay grade.

Student Employment Programs

Student Employment Programs provide a vehicle for students to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills while enjoying the benefits of challenging developmental opportunities. In addition, Student Employment Programs provide students with direct exposure to the federal work environment. Students are actively engaged in helping strengthen and ensure the stability of the United States and global financial systems, performing critical functions while crafting solutions to emerging issues that challenge our national security. The Student Employment Programs encompass three unique recruitment avenues: Student Volunteer Internships, the Treasury Scholars Program, and the Pathways Program.

  • Student Volunteer Internship - The Student Volunteer Internship are unpaid training opportunities designed to provide students with work experience related to their academic program and give them direct exposure to the Federal workforce.
  • Treasury Scholars Program - The Treasury Scholars Program aims to expand the racial/ethnic and gender diversity of students engaged within Treasury Headquarters and provides meaningful and marketable work experiences. Students are eligible and recruited from all academic subject areas. Academic disciplines that are mission critical to Treasury policy offices include business administration, law, economics, finance, and information technology.
  • Pathways Program - The Pathways Program consists of the Internship Program, the Recent Graduates Program, and the Presidential Management Fellows Program to provide paid employment opportunities in the federal workforce for students and recent graduates.