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A career with the Treasury Departmental Offices means working every day for an organization that helps people and ensures the legacy of the world's most open trade regime. Treasury employees are dedicated to the preservation of the economy and preventing illegal activities.

Why Departmental Offices of the Treasury? Because - along with a distinguished mission, the opportunity to serve your country, and a comprehensive benefits program - Treasury Departmental Offices also offers a wide range of opportunities and careers, including:
Domestic Finance -
  • Advises and assists in areas of domestic finance, banking, and other related economic matters.
  • Develops policies and guidance for Treasury Department activities in financial institutions, federal debt finance, financial regulation, and capital markets.
  • Careers include Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, and Review Analyst.
Economic Policy -
  • Reports on current and prospective economic developments and assists in the determination of appropriate economic policies.
  • Responsible for the review and analysis of both domestic and international economic issues and developments in the financial markets.
  • Careers include Economist.
General Counsel -
  • Provides legal and policy advice to the Secretary and other senior Departmental Offices officials.
  • Head of the Treasury Legal Division, a separate bureau within Treasury that includes all legal counsels of the Treasury Department and their staff.
  • Careers include Attorney and Paralegal.
International Affairs -
  • Advises and assists in the formulation and execution of U.S. international economic and financial policy, including the development of policies with respect to international financial, economic, monetary, trade, investment, bilateral aid, environment, debt, development, and energy programs, including U.S. participation in international financial institutions.
  • Careers include International Economist, Program Analyst.
Management/CFO -
  • Responsible for the internal management and policy of the Department in the areas of budget, planning, human resources, information and technology management, financial management and accounting, procurement, and administrative services to DO.
  • Careers include Management/Program Analyst, Contract Specialist, Budget Analyst, Information Technology Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Administrative Support Specialist.
Public Affairs -
  • Develops and implements communications strategy for the Department.
  • Advises officials within the Department and its bureaus how best to communicate issues and priorities of public interest.
  • Careers include Public Affairs Specialist, Writers.
Tax Policy -
  • Develops and implements tax policies and programs.
  • Reviews regulations and rulings to administer the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Negotiates tax treaties.
  • Provides economic and legal policy analysis for domestic and international tax policy decisions.
  • Provides estimates for the President's budget, fiscal policy decisions, and cash management decisions.
  • Careers include Tax Attorney, Financial Economist.
Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI) -
  • Develops and implements U.S. government strategies to combat terrorist financing domestically and internationally.
  • Develops and implements the National Money Laundering Strategy as well as other policies and programs to fight financial crimes.
  • Careers include Intelligence Specialist, Security Specialist, and Information Technology Specialist.

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If you believe that a career with the Federal Government is right for you, then now is the time to accept the offer.

Simply contact the HR Staff person indicated in your conditional offer letter or respond to your offer email to let us know that you're ready to launch your new career!​

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 Special Message for Veterans

America's Heroes
Not ready to retire from serving America? Your prior military service could qualify you to continue to serve your nation at the Treasury Departmental Offices. Take some time to explore opportunities with your career goals in mind. And look closely at our benefits and the opportunities we give our employees to balance the demands of their work and personal lives.

 Special Message for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities
Departmental Offices makes reasonable accommodations in accordance with the law, for qualified applicants or employees with physical or mental disabilities. We are committed to creating a positive work environment that encourages you to maximize and reach your full potential.
To learn more, see Information for Persons with Disabilities at the Office of Personnel Management's website.​